30 Sep 2016

CGB Rig Plugin Update

CGB Rig Plugin Update

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We've updated our rig plugin! We wanted to take our characters to the next level so we've added a few tools into our cgBreakdown plugin.

For the most part, the extra functionality is kind of boring to read about so the Coles Notes version is (Cliff Notes, for our American counterparts): 
1) Improved deformations through the use of a Pose Space Deformer and a few other tools
2) A new Installer that makes the plugin available to all users on the computer as well as including it in your list of Programs and Features on Windows so you can uninstall and/or update the plugin pretty easily.

Show us how it works, already!


A few housekeeping notes. 

If you installed a previous version of the plugin, you will have an older cgBreakdown plugin installed on your computer that you will need to delete manually. That sucks, we know, but that's part of the reason why we switched to the new installer, so it becomes more reliable and easier to update/remove. To delete the older versions, look for:

cgBreakdown.mll on Windows:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya20xx\bin\plug-ins

cgBrekdown.bundle on Mac OSX:

Once that's done and you've installed the newest plugin, it should be smooth sailing from there (he says, optimistically).

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