2 Dec 2016

Hero Animation Rig Breakdown

Hero Animation Rig Breakdown

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When it comes to animation rigs, I prefer to use something that's not only clean and easy to visually understand, but I also want it to help me create my shots with as little fighting as possible. So with that said, let's take a closer look at some of the cool features that make our Hero rig unique compared to some other rigs.

Animation Rigs with Flexibility

The big takeaway, if you don't want to watch the video, is that Hero provides a lot of flexibility so you can choose the best workflow for you. For example, do you prefer to use several FK controls for the spine? He's got it. Are you a pure-IK-spine type of animator? You can do that too. Where things really get interesting though is the ability to use an IK setup in a way that replicates FK behaviour. In essence, this rig provides the ease of using only rotations if that's how you prefer to animate (like with FK) but with only one control to animate and the ability to add translation on top of that. It's a pretty great setup.

Hero Animation Rig Breakdown


Hero is available for download here.
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