11 Nov 2016

Sidekick Short Film and Rig Release

Sidekick Short Film and Rig Release

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Jeff Cassidy's short film "SideKick" was finally released! Have you seen it?

Sidekick (2016)

Sidekick IMDB

We were pretty excited when we were approached to help work on Jeff's film; when we first saw the rough edit, we knew it was going to be a great project.  We were even more excited at the prospect of adding a production rig to our library after Jeff agreed to let us make the robot available for everyone to use! So, if you haven't yet watched the film, click above to watch it and then head on over to the Sidekick page to start animating!

Download Sidekick here

Thanks to all those that helped here at CG Breakdown to get this project done:

Modeling/Texture: Marcel Rowe
Modeling/Lookdev: Francis Bezooyen
Rigging: Victor Barbosa
Matchmove: Josiah Nathan
Animation: Jeremy Stewart
Animation: Stephen Kelloway
Animation: Alex Melville
Animation: Ben Warner

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