11 Aug 2016

Tyrannus: Rig Release

Tyrannus: Rig Release

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We've been so busy working on new characters we totally forget to render this guy's animation! So, without further adieu, here's our animation for Tyrannus!

Thanks to everyone involved in bringing Tyrannus to the CG Breakdown Library.

Model/Texture: Vlad Konstantinov
Texture/Lookdev: Laura Welter
Rigging: Victor Barbosa
Animation/Sound: Stephen Kelloway

Tyrannus in Action

Download Tyrannus Here

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10/16/2018 2:05 AM

This rig looks awesome... especially how you demo it in the video. Hence why I subscribed for a month to try out the rig for a school project; however, after downloading the plug-in and mindless hours tackling issues I found 2 things that I think it is related to this rig.

1. I cannot scale Tyrannus. In terms of ratio to my Ray rig that I am animating in a scene with him, he's like 100x bigger....

2. And most important of all, I CANNOT SAVE?! Not sure if anyone else have that issue, but without the rig and importing other rigs from other sources I can save. Installed RenderMan as well... nothing seems to work...

Please help :(

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